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Board of Directors

Paul Vieyra, President

[email protected]

Paul Vieyra has been a Residential Real Estate agent serving Los Angeles, San Gabriel Valley, and North Orange County for the past 10 years.  Prior to Real Estate, Paul was working in Middle Market Commercial Banking for 15+ years focalizing on Relationship Banking, Contributing to the "Critical Thinking Group" that worked on improving Core Processing, Compliance reporting for Federal and State regulators.  Paul's diverse background in Relationship Building, Compliance and Core Processing has helped him tremendously in his current role with Real Estate and serving on Vista's Board of Directors.


Michele Bauer-Bean, Secretary

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Michele Bauer-Bean joins Vista Charter as a life-long learner and educator who has lived and worked in the Los Angeles County for over forty years.  Michele has been involved with education since her freshman year in college where she was awarded a Graduate Fellowship as an undergraduate student for her work at the USC Nursery School.  Michele has worked in a variety of educational settings including a Korean community school, the Los Angeles Unified School District, The Buckley School, and The Mirman School for Highly Gifted Students, Pomona Unified School District, and the Torrance Unified School District. 

Michele briefly left the education field to attend Pepperdine University School of Law in the late 90’s.  While there, she was awarded a Darling Foundation Scholarship for her work in public service.  After earning her law degree and license, Michele returned to education as a school administrator.  She has secured grants for building libraries, computer labs and music classes, secured free services by creating partnerships with local universities in the area of health screenings, counseling, and academic tutoring and helped sites implement intervention systems and be recognized with a Gold Ribbon Award.  Michele comes to us eager to help with the mission of uniting and nurturing the minds, hearts, and spirits of our young people to support the happy healthy growth of our children.


Mimi Kim, Treasurer

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Ms. Kim is a CEO of ChefDance, a world-class culinary event company that started in Park City in 2004 during Sundance Film Festival.  ChefDance has celebrated its 14th year in 2017.  Prior to founding ChefDance, LLC, Ms. Kim has financed and operated as a financier at various entertainment properties in Los Angeles, including the Highlands, Mint, and Lure.  With her extensive background in finance, operations, and business development, She has co-founded and served as the Chief Executive Officer of a software company, World Streaming Networks, which was sold in June 2001.  Prior to World Streaming Networks, Ms. Kim has founded Hunter Global Ventures in 1997 and currently facilitates both public and private investments in the technology, communications, retail, and real estate sectors.  She has also worked as a strategic planner in the syndication and acquisition department for FX, a Fox cable network.  Ms. Kim worked on Wall Street for six years (1990 - 1996) and held positions as a corporate bond trader at Goldman, Sachs & Co.; as a vice president in corporate bond product management at Lehman Brothers; and as a corporate analyst at Merrill Lynch, all in New York.

She has a B.A. in Economics and East Asian Studies from Barnard College and a Masters in Finance and International Banking from Columbia University. Ms. Kim currently resides in Los Angeles.  She is married to Kenneth Griswold for 14 years and is a proud mother of three children, Hunter (13), Skyler (12) and Siena (9).


Geronimo Gaytan

[email protected]
Mr. Gaytan is a founding parent of Palm Lane Elementary Charter School, the second
parent trigger school in the State of California. Mr. Gaytan worked tirelessly to help the parents of Palm Lane convert the school into a charter school. He has served with dedication and loyalty on the school board since that time and continues to be a powerful advocate for parents at all Vista Charter Public Schools. Mr. Gaytan is a proud employee of Disneyland where he has worked for many years and is held in high regard by his supervisors and employees in the food services division. Mr. Gaytan has a child enrolled at Palm Lane Elementary Charter School.

Jody Molodow
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Even before she started college, Jody Molodow was committed to a career in education. She began volunteering at Los Angeles's Blind Children's Center when she was 14 where she loved her interactions with the preschoolers, including teaching them how to swim. In fact, she enjoyed the experience so much that she continued to volunteer at the site throughout college. Her commitment to education as a career was finalized in 10th grade when she began volunteering for the Special Olympics. She remembers telling her parents, "this is what I want to do." A graduate of the University of Southern California with a B.S in Social Science/English and a M.S. in Education/Special Education, Ms. Molodow made her dream come true, spending over 40 years with the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), where her responsibilities included teaching special education students with challenges ranging from physical to severe educational needs. On the other end of the educational spectrum, she worked as a Coordinator for Gifted and Talented students and an Advisor in both the Early Education and Infant and Toddler programs. For the last 6 years of her administrative career with LAUSD she served as the Special Education Coordinator for Charter Schools. In the role, she came to appreciate the positive impact of the Charter School movement and its ability to partner with more traditional venues. Ms. Molodow is committed to ensuring that all children can participate in the best public school program possible.