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Digital Learning Resources to Educate and Entertain Kids at Home

To make learning easier, despite the distance, we've made this list of resources for educating and entertaining kids at home.
For Students:
Training courses, tips, guides, and tools that will help you reach your goals regardless of where you are in this journey of remote learning.
Online Reading
Epic - A digital reading platform for kids 12 and under. It has 40,000 books, audiobooks, learning videos, quizzes, and more. Available in English and Spanish.
Flocabulary - Punctuation is as important as vocabulary. Flocabulary helps you convey your message in the best and most comprehensible way.
Jumpstart - Develop your child’s bilingual cognitive advantage through Jumpstart. Choose from a vast selection of songs, stories, and activities while learning vocabulary in both English and Spanish.
Kidlit - For ages 5-18 yrs. old, KidLit TV has shows, radio, crafts and activities, book read-alongs for kids. Some of the TV shows include Storymakers, a talk show that highlights authors and illustrators, Read Out Loud, when the authors at KidLit TV do read-alongs, and Young at Art, where kids can learn art skills used in book illustrations.
Newsela - Reading materials on current events that support social-emotional learning. It has lessons and activities that support reading comprehension.
PBS Learning Media - Have an interactive approach on storytelling with PBS Learning Media. Learn and explore story structure and elements through performance, art, and many more.
Time For Kids - Great for ages 5-13 years old. Time For Kids offers a wide selection of articles from kindergarten until the 6th grade level. Choose from the various topics that cater to your child’s interests for a quick reading practice.
Wonderopolis - Feed your curiosity about the world and beyond! Wonderopolis has the answer to your every burning question. Try out their activities, play and learn!
Practicing Math and Coding
CK-12 - Learning is made easy with the wide variety of resources on math, science, and more, categorized by grade level on CK-12. Organize your lessons by customizing with Flexbooks.
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